About Us

This church family was birthed out of a home group. Our first church meeting was held in a an old restaurant at Days Inn. This area was a storage room for toilets. We removed the toilets and cleaned the room, chairs, walls and restrooms. We could only rent the room on Sundays. We would clean and set up the room for church every sunday and then disassemble it every Sunday evening. This routine occurred for almost a year before moving to our current location on South Main. Now years later, we have out grown our facilities. We prayed and the Lord made a way. We currently moved into our new building on North Main across from the YMCA. Things are accelerating, we just say more Lord!! We are so thankful for families and individuals  joining us and fulfilling God’s purpose to this community.

Our Vision

We will make a postive impact upon the city of Madisonville and the surrounding cities by creating a family centered place where all individuals and families are welcomed and can grow and flourish in faith as they discover God’s purpose and destiny for their lives.

Our Mission

We want:

  • To be people of passion for Jesus who have a growing desire for more of Him and are committed to developing a servant’ s heart.
  • To be people who will share our faith and demonstrate  His unconditional love and unending hope to our families, community, nation, and world to encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To be a people who develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and seek His guidance in every area of our lives.
  • To be a people who value and develop a nurturing place of order, love, joy, and comfortable atmosphere where others can grow spiritually and become responsible, caring, productive people in God’s family.
  • To be people committed to growing in our understanding of praise and worship, the power of prayer, and the freedom they produce.
  • To be people who believe the abundant life God offers to all can be embraced as we take part in the biblical principles of: salvation, prayer, fasting, water, and spiritual gifts, spiritual fruits, and mentoring.